Build supply chain collaboration for precision and high-precision plastic injection molding

Offer better quality, cost, delivery time and service

Zealmolding is a mold project management company focus on providing European customers with solutions to purchasing precision and high-precision mold in China. As we know, it’s an industry relying on technologies, experience and related supporting supply chains. On the base of market segments, customer orientation,various projects and supply chain collaboration, together with Tsetinis Tooling GmbH, Audi AG and Chinese tool shops, we integrate technical data, standards and supply chain resources for sourcing in China. Furthermore, we build the supply chain collaboration and a synergistic supplying platform for European precision moldings’ sourcing in China. After the development, our platform have been satisfied by our European customers and partners, not only its business, operation and management becoming more and more mature, but also its system being better.

We provide European customers with ‘supplying solution of sourcing in China for small precision and high-precision prototype, rapid and injection tools, inserts, 3D printing and small production’. Mainly tools we providing can be up to 800×800×750mm, and are equipped with injection machines, maximum is 400T. The maximum machining precision can reach 0.003mm, rapid tool life could reach 100,000 shots ,and high precision injection mold life could reach up to 1 million shots. We do well in special technologies, like 2K, 3K, multi-colors, insert-, outsert-, hybrid molding, IMD, back-injection molding, overmoulding, gas injection,3D-MID, stack, thin wall mold and so on.

To bring win-win results to participants and to provide customers with better quality, cost, delivery time and service as well, we welcome more welling European partners to build the platform with us.