Build supply chain collaboration for precision and high-precision plastic injection molding

Offer better quality, cost, delivery time and service

2009:  Established in Ningbo with the support of Ningbo Mold Industry Association

2011:  Move headquarter to Shanghai

2012:  Set ‘Sales office for Chinese molds’ in Ingolstadt, and to develop European market for Chinese injection tool shops

2014:  Cooperate with German DIF

2016:  Cooperate with Tsetinis Tooling GmbH, and to support European customers to purchase prototype and injection tools in China
Build ‘Synergistic supplying platform for European precision moldings’ sourcing in China’, together with Tsetinis Tooling GmbH and Audi AG

2018:  Find more European tool shops and OEMs for cooperation, and to keep the solid business and operating model of the platform